What We Do

    The Rangoon Diner focuses on recipes from the world-famous area in Southeast Asia known as The Golden Triangle, a 367,000 square mile area overlapping the mountainous borders of Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Thailand.

    We regroup traditionally favourite dishes from these lesser known areas as well as selected dishes from the Isaan region of northeastern Thailand.

    The Isaan region borders Cambodia and Laos and traditional cuisine remains quite distinct from Burmese, Lao and Thai while including elements in common with all three. The Rangoon Diner will appeal not only to those of you who already love beautifully-prepared Southeast Asian food but also to those looking to discover some of the lesser known and in some instances undiscovered cuisines of one of the richest and most vibrant food centres in the world.

    While oil is used in northern Burmese curries as a base, Lao and northern Thai techniques favour steamed, boiled, stewed and grilled foods or simply mixed in salads with a prolific use of fresh herbs. Across the Golden Triangle, the extensive use of fresh herbs is evident in most recipes, as are healthy raw vegetables adding sharpness. Golden Triangle and Isaan cooking incorporates vegetarian recipes which are firmly rooted in the Buddhist tradition. With religious restrictions on meat consumption, the preparation of fruit and vegetables makes northern dishes in some instances similar to Chinese and Indian vegetarian food, especially in Burma where the Indian influence is particularly strong.

    Golden Triangle and Isaan cuisine offers an enormous range of dishes with a subtle blend of flavours which The Rangoon Diner champions. Although the region’s tribes and people generally prefer super-hot, spicy food, not all dishes are equally fiery but it’s important to note that this food is not bland! With centuries-old influences from China and India, The Golden Triangle cuts a vast swathe across Burma, Laos and Thailand bringing together local ingredients and recipes distinct to all three making it even more vibrant and colourful.